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Recycling Activities and Posters: This download has posters and activities for sorting pictures of different trash objects into the five categories for recycling: compost, metal, glass, plastic, and paper. The posters can be used to add to your classroom recycling unit or Earth Day theme. All of the recycling posters, sorting bin labels, material poster sets, sorting mats, and picture cards for sorting bins and sorting mats come in both black and white digital printable form and color print form. The sorting mats are to be used by sticking the trash items unto the correct mat. Use it to set up a recycling area in your classroom. Your students can also use large containers as recycling bins for sorting the pictures. I added bin labels for such an activity. You can get your copy here at my TpT collection.


earth day activities   earth day activities

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This is the Digital Recycling Sorting Activities for Boom Learning. Students can be assigned this activity to be done on tablets or laptops. It is available here at my TpT Boom collection but it is hosted on the Boom Learning platform.

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After implementing this in your classroom with regular rectangular storage bins, you may want to have a more permanent setup for recycling all classroom trash. I got these links below from Amazon. You may only need to stick to three bins only, because a classroom usually gets mostly plastic, paper and decomposables.

How to Make Recycling Stations for Classrooms

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Recycling bins for classrooms: Waste in this classrom is sorted as trash, bottles, and paper. I like to have trash bins with the recycling symbol on them.

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A laundry sorter rolling cart can be used as a recycling sorter in your classroom.

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Recycle bag baskets                                                 Stackable recycle bins

As a teacher, you can recycle to save on classroom supplies. See ideas for recycling old materials to make amazing teaching materials in this blog post.

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