St. Patrick’s Day Activities

St. Patrick's Day Worksheets

St. Patrick’s Day Activities and worksheets (no prep). I made this set of literacy activities that teach about the St. Patrick’s day history and customs. This printable booklet has lots of writing activities, games, word search and crossword puzzles, and worksheets. It also includes a math board game for division facts for the numbers 2 to 5, St. Patrick’s Day Bracelets, and answer keys for the worksheets and activities. The board game is in color and to be printed on card stock but the worksheets are in black and white to save you ink. Check out the pictures below and click on them to see more.

St. Patrick's Day Activities black and white St. Patrick's Day Math 2nd Grade

St. Patrick's Day Math Game Activity St. Patrick's Day bracelets

St. Patrick's Day Word Search printable St. Patrick's Day Printables 3rd grade

St. Patrick's Day words worksheets alphabetical order St. Patrick's Day third grade worksheets

I just want you to know that I put together a reading list of books that are all about St. Patrick’s Day. It’s in this blog post here.

St. Patrick's Day Activities 1