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States of Matter Activities

States of Matter Worksheets, activities, definition cards and posters. The unit deals with the three States of Matter: solids, liquids, and gases. Definition posters are also included for light terms such as solid, liquid, gas, matter, freezing, melting, particles, evaporation, condensation, and collection. It also contains a sorting activity for sorting different pictures of objects as either solids, liquids, or gases. Answer keys are provided with the worksheets. It is available here from my TpT collection.

States of Matter glossary of terms states of matter review

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This is the digital States of Matter Sorting Activities for Boom Learning. Students can be assigned this activity to be done on tablets or laptops. It is available here at my TpT Boom collection but it is hosted on the Boom Learning platform.

Have fun! More ideas will be added soon.

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