Did you know you can use these in your classroom?

As teachers, we tend to have an eye for seeing the potential of many objects for use in the classroom. From kitchen tools to outdoor fixtures, and of course, dollar store items are a huge favorite. Some of these things are usually used for only one purpose, then thrown away.  You may even find some of these at a garage sale (like old folding tables). This is my own little list of odds and ends that you may already have at home that you can use in your classroom.

This is actually a table stand for wedding parties but you can use it for organising your group tables, school library, presentation displays, etc. These also would make cute welcome signs for back to school. Liquid chalk markers work well on these.


You may already have these at home: clipping hangers! I use them to store my large posters and card stock sheets. I hate using rubber bands to roll them and folding them… is out of the question. The hangers keep them straight and flat. Tension rods allow you to easily set up a hanger rack.


Mini Sterilite drawers. These are usually for knick-knacks like sewing tools, etc but many teachers use them for classroom item storage. These are fours stacked together (above).

This is a digital kitchen timer but it can be used for timing your students at school from classroom work to gym and outdoor activities. This timer has a very loud alarm, a magnetic back and a hanging hook.


Over-the-door hangers are really great space savers. I use them over my class door as well as tall cupboard doors but in those cases I strap them onto the door. These are really for shoes but I love that they are transparent with a white background so it is easy to find what you’re looking for. Each pocket can be for a different group of teaching supplies OR each pocket can be labeled with each student’s name for their own tool/resource storage.


Use party decorations to fit your classroom theme. This one is a Hollywood movie theme set. And here’s a picture next to it of what a teacher made with a similar set.


For easy storage of classroom supplies, a light but durable drawer system is best. This set is really designed for small hardware tools or craft supplies but Ms. Driscoll, a teacher, used it for her brag tag incentives for her students.

Feel free to share any other items that you love to use in your class in the comments below. I’d love to add more ideas to this list.