Election Printables

Election Word Wall

Election Printables: This is a growing collection of classroom printables for U.S.A. elections. I am really excited about these. These election printables are really for any election year and will be updated for each election season. Clicking on any of the pictures will take you to each printable listed at my teachers pay teachers collection. I hope to add more to this soon.

On the left picture below is an illustrated word wall of 36 U.S. election words and terms. Each word card has a matching picture to depict the word’s meaning.  The election terms in this set are: election, vote, president, vice president, Republican, Democrat, amendment, blue collar, white collar, ballot, absentee ballot, bill, constitution, candidate, caucus, bipartisan, campaign, primary, delegate, debate, democracy, front runner, incumbent, independent, majority, political party, politician, negative ads, poll, suffrage, media, term limits, town meeting, funding, swing voter, and fund raising. It can be used as headers for doing ‘word of the day’ focus walls or it can be used as a stand alone word wall.

Election printables   Election Printables

On the right above is the ‘I Have Who Has’ Game for Election Terms. These are illustrated game cards for reviewing the meanings of the most common U.S. election words and terms. Students can play in groups of three or more. Each of the election term cards has a picture next to it for visual learners to connect the terms to real life and to make sense of new and unfamiliar words.

Finally, below are election glossary cards that I made. They are a set of flash cards which each feature an election word or term, its definition, and a matching picture.

Election flash cards

Election Printables 1