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Synonyms List for kids

Synonyms List for kids: Forty pairs of synonyms with pictures for Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3. I made this printable download to be very kid-friendly with cute and clear fonts for each word to be colored by students. The word pairs in this list can be cut out to be used as a synonym matching activity or they can be placed on a ring for quick access to a synonym word bank. The 40 synonyms in this printable list are: slim/thin, small/little, loud/noisy, big/large, angry/mad, happy/glad, bad/naughty, pretty/beautiful, nice/kind, quiet/silent, sleepy/tired, sad/unhappy, stink/smelly, smart/intelligent, easy/simple, object/thing, observe/watch, assist/help, under/below, over/above, buy/purchase, close/shut, calm/peaceful, unusual/strange, garbage/trash, say/speak, clean/tidy, jump/leap, push/shove, difficult/hard, end/finish, enjoy/like, idea/thought, drop/fall, choose/select, bother/annoy, connect/join, raise/lift, rescue/save, and gift/present. The clip art used for the pictures show student diversity (in gender and ethnicity). It can also be used as a synonym answer key when using worksheets.

Synonym List for second grade

You can get it here from my TpT collection.

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