Gender Noun Printables

Gender Nouns Activities

Gender Noun printables of persons and animals: these have the masculine and feminine names given to each category. So far, I created memory games and illustrated lists for each set of gender nouns. Masculine and feminine nouns in English, are really just for some animals and persons so reinforcement through activities with visuals are great for students to memorize these words. Below are sample pictures from the memory games and the lists.

animal gender nouns masculine and feminine nouns animals  gender nouns printables

masculine and feminine nouns persons gender nouns people  gender noun games

gender nouns animals list gender nouns persons list

Each set is available as a digital download for purchase at TpT and each link below takes you to each printable with a list of all of the gender nouns in each set.

Gender Noun Memory Game – Persons

Gender Noun Memory Game – Animals

Gender Noun List of Persons

Gender Noun List of Animals

Gender Noun Printables 1