Spring Compound Words

Spring compound words

I’m in the Spring zone these days. Even though my climate only has the dry season and the rainy season, I’m so happy to be finally seeing a lot of butterflies in our garden at the start of the dry season! There numbers were low for some years now and I was really bugged by this because the frequent fogging of mosquitoes has diminished the butterfly count on the island (sad face).

Above, is a picture of my Spring themed compound word dominoes game. This game involves matching up two word-parts to form a compound word. The cards are to be matched end to end by picture to picture for younger students or by word to picture for ready readers. You can read more about it here at TpT.  More pictures are below.

compound words matching activity spring theme   Spring themed compound word dominoes game

More Spring stuff is on the way and I’ll soon be adding (updated) here are pictures of my Spring themed compound words puzzle below.

Each puzzle card has the compound word at the top with a picture and the two cut-apart words below with matching pictures. This set has 24 Spring compound words (closed compound words) and they can also be used as flashcards.

Spring Themed Compound Words

Spring Compound Words activity       Compound Word classroom activity for Spring theme