Food Chain Puzzles

spring themed food chain

Butterflies, caterpillars, frogs, and other bugs. It’s Springtime. So I thought it would be a fun idea to group them not according to habitat, but by season. (Does that make sense?) I was compelled to just try it and I really am pleased with the amount of organisms that fit into the Spring theme.

So, this is a food chain puzzle. Each puzzle card has an organism name and picture on it. Each of the first five pages has three puzzles and each of these puzzles has a producer (plant or plant part), a primary consumer, and a secondary consumer. The sixth page has more consumer organisms that can be spliced in to make longer food chains.

See how the puzzle pieces have the arrow shapes on the right edges?  This makes it easier to help kids understand how a food chain works and reinforces the rule that the arrow always points to the organism that is doing the eating.

Bonus Tip

I know teachers are very creative, so you will be happy to know that you can do more with this activity. After your kids have mastered this, you can recycle these cards into picture cards for making a Spring food web, with the arrows drawn from picture to picture.

The producers (plants or plant parts), in this set include: grass, leaf, bush, seeds, nectar from flowers, and fruit. The consumer organisms in this set are: caterpillar, bird, grasshopper, lizard, snake, bee, dragonfly, aphid, ladybug, rabbit, eagle, chicken, man, rat, owl, cow, fly, frog, rat, cat, sheep, toad, butterfly, and goat.

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