Summer themed Compound Word Activity

Summer themed Compound Word Activity

This is a Summer themed Compound Word puzzle. The cards are perfect for group work and stations. Each puzzle card has the compound word at the top with a picture and the two cut-apart words below with matching pictures. This set has 28 compound words (closed compound words) and they can also be used as compound word flashcards. The compound words in this set are: clothesline, barefoot, sandcastle, sunburn, sundress, firefly, firework, fishbowl, goldfish, heatwave, lifeguard, skateboard, speedboat, treehouse, summertime, sunshine, watermelon, surfboard, swimsuit, suitcase, hotdog, jellyfish, starfish, waterpark, sunbathe, sunflower, footprint, and underwater. It is available here at my TpT collection. These pictures show most of the cards in the set.

Compound Word Activity Compound Words Poster

This same list of Summer compound words are available is a list table PDF download. It has a color and black and white version. See more pictures of it here.

Summer themed Compound Word Activity 1

Summer themed Compound Word Activity 3