How to Use Posters to Encourage a Learning Environment

Classroom posters are are great way to have a literacy rich classroom with print in eye catching forms that encourage reading. They do not always have to be strictly content based. The first poster that is seen at the entrance of the class must be large and welcoming. This could be as simple as a large welcome sign or as complex as a bulletin board jigsaw ‘we fit together’ kind of poster. I like to include posters that teach the softer skills of making friends and self monitoring, and posters that spread awareness of issues like bullying and the importance of classroom kindness.  Every classroom has its own motto or mantra. This can be printed on a large sentence strip and posted up to remind students of the value system. Encouraging, motivational posters are my favorite.

Below are pictures of a few to give you an idea of the types of posters that can be used. I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commision for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds show how posters can be used to encourage a learning environment in your classroom.


  • Banners: This teacher placed these banners over her classroom windows. Banners like these are also the perfect shape for being placed on the front facing side of your teacher desk. These Sproutbrite posters are always very bright and colorful and best of all, they are quite large but inexpensive.



  • Colorful Posters right on the wallColorful Motivational Posters and banners for the classroom. Both are also from Sproutbrite. Motivational posters can go right up on your classroom wall.



  • Use posters to make bulletin boards: Classroom posters can be incorporated into your large bulletin boards. This makes is easy to create a bulletin board in a snap!

Individual posters are the more traditional look for classroom walls. These posters below have their own message that really sets the tone for the classroom. Some are for setting rules and others are motivational classroom posters. Click on any poster to see more its dimensions.

10 Ways to Be A Great Student – Classroom Poster






How to Hang Classroom Posters:

Most classrooms have cinder block walls, and it can be difficult to get posters to stay up. Scotch mounting tape for exterior walls sticks firmly to walls, metal frames, and even painted cinder blocks.  Use it sparingly because it is so strong and thick that it can peel off some wall paint when you are removing it. To avoid using tape altogether, you can hang classroom posters along a string with clothespins against a blank bulletin board.

This teacher hanged her pre-stringed posters along her classroom windows.

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