Back to School Compound Words

Compound Words for Back to School theme

Back to School Compound Word ActivitiesYou won’t believe how many compound words there are in the English language! It’s only through brainstorming and making my lists, that I realized I may as well group them into themes since my word list was really too long.             These are my Back to School themed compound word puzzles. They were really fun to make. The cards are perfect for group work and stations. Each puzzle card has the compound word at the top with a picture and the two cut-apart words below with matching pictures. This set has 28 closed compound words.                                                                                                                                          The back to school compound words in this set are: classroom, notebook, clipboard, backpack, paintbrush, laptop, superhero, smartboard, lunchbox, homework, whiteboard, timeout, cupboard, bookcase, handwriting, chalkboard, bookworm, wheelchair, notepad, playground, playdough, newsletter, paperclip, lunchtime, noticeboard, earphone, birthday, and printout. They can also be used as compound word flashcards.                                                                                                                                            The size of these cards may be right for you but if you would prefer to have them smaller, you can always set them to print on a smaller scale such as 4 pages per printing page. Detailed printing instructions are included in this PDF file.

I took as many pictures as I could to show the variety of puzzle pieces (see below).

Back to School Compound Words    Back to School themed Compound Word Puzzles

Compound Word examples at school

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