3D Shape Scoot Cards

3D Shape Scoot game

Scoot is fun! I first learned about it from other TpTers and I just had to try it. That was about five years ago and it has been one of the most exciting games in my class. It started out as a rough sketch for 3D shapes and has since been given quite the facelift so that it can now be TpT worthy. This is a set of Scoot Cards for these 3D shapes: cube, cuboid / rectangular prism, sphere, cone, cylinder, triangular pyramid, square based pyramid, and triangular prism. It has an answer key for all 24 task cards as well as answer recording sheets that come in different sizes for the amount of task cards you may want your students to complete in one scoot session.  Instructions for playing Scoot are included.  This set can be used as straight-up task cards or as a Scoot activity.  The questions in these task cards include some higher order thinking skills so I recommend it for the upper grades or accelerated learning classes.  It is available here in my TpT collection.

3D Shape Scoot Task Card Set

Scoot instructions Scoot Cards for 3D Shapes

Scoot Card example 3D Shapes Card set

Example of 3D Shape Scoot Cards                                Cover Card for the set

3D Shape Scoot Cards 1