7 Printable Thanksgiving Cards for Teachers and Students

Hi! Thanksgiving is almost here and I just want to share about these printable Thanksgiving cards for Teachers and Students that I made last year. These are card templates in PowerPoint that you can print and students can color and decorate them. The greetings on the front of the cards are either ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ or ‘Give Thanks’.

They are for teachers to give to students and their families. Students can color them and give them to their teachers, and they can also give them to their parents/grandparents/family members.

How to Prepare The Thanksgiving Cards

There are seven different card designs in this set. These cards are to be printed front and back, then folded in half. I recommend that you print the cards on white cardstock sheets. The paper can be glossy or matte. The thickness of the cardstock will make them look more professional.

Pages 3 – 9 are all cover and back pages together on each sheet. These can be matched with any of the pages 10 – 15 which are the left and right panels of the inside of your card.

There is an optional coupon card in this set (page 13). For the coupon card, cut out the card and the coupon (the coupon that you cut out is at the top right hand corner of the page). Fold the card in half. Fill out the coupon. Then stick the coupon into place over the ‘stick coupon here’ sign.

Just click on any of the pictures to go to it at TpT. When you’re on that page, you can click on the preview to see all of the cards.

Black and White Thanksgiving Cards

I should mention that while the pictures show color versions, the set also has black and white versions of all of the printable Thanksgiving cards. You students can color the front and the insides of the cards to make tem more personal. If you print on white cardstock, crayons and markers can be used to color them.

Thanksgiving Cards for Students
Thanksgiving Cards for TeachersThanksgiving Cards for classroom
Printable printable Thanksgiving Cards

More Thanksgiving themed printables are available. I created ELA worksheets and printables for this theme here.

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