Sequencing of Events Activity – 18 Fun Sequences

Sequencing of Events Activity cards tpt

This is a printable sequencing of events activity for students. Eighteen different everyday-events like catching a baseball, going to school, and drawing a picture, are represented in these sequence flash cards. They are for three-step sequencing of events that are familiar to children.  I made them in black and white also and included a sequencing writing sheet. The file has twenty pages. This activity is for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade students.

Sequencing of Events Activity List

The 18 sequencing activities are:

  • Having birthday cake
  • Building a doll house
  • Decorating a Halloween pumpkin
  • Planting trees
  • Having a drink of milk
  • Having a window plant
  • Hotdog eating race
  • Spending from savings
  • Catching the baseball
  • Getting a haircut
  • Gathering eggs for breakfast
  • Going to a birthday party
  • Buying an ice lolly
  • Giving flowers to the teacher
  • Feeding the hungry baby
  • Reading books at the library
  • Going to school
  • Drawing a picture

It is available here at my TpT collection. You get to download it instantly upon purchase and it can be used for years because you’ll have lifetime access to the PDF file.

three-step sequencing

These are the 3 step sequence cards for having birthday cake and for building a doll house.

three-step sequencing

These are the 3 step sequences for decorating a Halloween pumpkin and for planting trees.

Sequencing of Events Activities

These are the blacks and white sequence cards for going to school and for drawing a picture.

Sequencing of Events Activities

This is what the sequence sorting mat looks like.

Sequencing of Events Activity - 18 Fun Sequences 1

Digital Sequencing of Events Activity for the Boom Learning Platform

Sequencing of Events Activity - 18 Fun Sequences 3

With these 3 Step Sequencing Sorting Activity Boom Cards™ students can order pictures of everyday events that are randomly shown at different stages of completion (beginning, middle, end). Students can drag each image into box 1, 2, or 3 to show the sequence for each activity. If a wrong answer is performed, students will be instantly cued and able to repeat it until the correct sequence is created. The theme of this sequencing of events activity deck is both general and seasonal. That’s why there are so many cards.

Sequencing of Events Activity - 18 Fun Sequences 1

For more sequence activities, I created another sequencing activity. It is my other set of printable 3 step sequence cards.

There are also seasonal themed-based sequencing activity blog posts here.

Sequencing of Events Activity - 18 Fun Sequences 1

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I love to find tools that can be helpful for student group work. I recommend using a tabletop pocket chart with your small groups for sequencing activities.

tabletop pocket chart 4 pockets

It can be used with the sequence cards and the sequence puzzles. It has four pockets which are great for four step or three step sequence cards. A magnetic tabletop pocket chart can also be used if you add magnetic tape to the back of your laminated sequence cards.

If you have any questions about the sequencing of events activity cards, you can ask using the comment section below.

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