Greek Roots – Illustrated Word Wall

Greek Roots word wall with pictures

Greek roots made easy: your students already use Greek roots in everyday words but they may not realise that these words are of Greek origins. This word wall has popular Greek roots with example words and meanings on each card. This helps students to get a handle on the origins of the words and your diverse learners will benefit from the visual representations. You can use it as headers for doing ‘root of the day’ focus walls or use it as a stand alone word wall. Students can refer to it during independent reading.  The Greek roots in this set are: geo, cycl, anthropo, dys, path, aster/astro, crypto, dem, and derm, auto, bio, chron, dyna, gram, graph, hetero, homo, hydr, hypo, logy, meter/metr, micro, mis/miso, mono, morph, nym, phil, phobia, phon, photo/phos, pseudo, psycho, scope, techno, tele, and therm. Use it all year on your reference wall. You can get it here at my TpT collection of resources for teachers.

Greek Root pictures and posters

The word examples are not shown in these pictures but they are visible on the preview picture at TpT. These pictures are from the older version. It has since been updated with examples of Greek Roots on each card.

Greek Roots - Illustrated Word Wall 1