Sphere Lesson Plan

Sphere Lesson Plan

If you are teaching about spheres for the first time, this sphere lesson plan would be right for you. This no-prep sphere lesson plan will save you valuable time. It’s a 5E lesson plan with structured activities for the discovery of attributes that make a sphere. There are model questions in it for you to ask your students as they do the activities in small groups. These questions will encourage critical thinking and help your students connect the concept of spheres to the real world.

Sphere Lesson Plan for Teachers

I used a sport theme in this lesson plan for the real world connections since so many spheres are used in sports. The worksheet is very kid-friendly and it comes with an answer key sheet for you.

Lesson plan about spheres

This lesson plan about spheres is available here at TpT.

Sphere Lesson Plan 1

Similar 3D shape lesson plans are available. They are for cylinders, cubes, and rectangular prisms.

Sphere Lesson Plan 3