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Games and activities make learning fun! So if you are teaching about Greek and Latin Roots, your class will love playing ‘I Have… Who Has…?’ and you will love that they are learning in the process. For the Greek root version, examples are referenced in this game which is a great tool for memorizing the meaning of these roots.  Each of the Greek roots has a picture next to it for visual learners to connect the roots to real life and to make sense of new and unfamiliar roots.

Greek Root - Matching Game   Greek Root- I Have Who Has - Game

They are auto, bio, chron, dyna, gram, graph, hetero, homo, hydr, hypo, logy, meter/metr, micro, mis/miso, mono, morph, nym, phil, phobia, phon, photo/phos, pseudo, psycho, scope, techno, tele, and therm.

Latin Roots Card Game

The Latin Root version has 29 roots: ambi, aqua, aud, bene, cent, circum, contra, counter, dict, duc/duct, fac, form, fort, fract, ject, jud, mal, mater, mit, mort, multi, pater, port, rupt, scrib/scribe, sec/sect, sent, spec, struct, and vid/vis.

Latin Roots I have who has Game

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