Teaching about the Solar System

Solar System word list cards

If you are teaching about the solar system, fill you classroom with the new solar system space words that your students will be learning about.  The chart above shows half of the cards. The complete set has 19 cards with the names of the eight planets and other common celestial bodies.  See it here.

Above are links to my kids’ favourite videos on youtube. I highly recommend these videos.

Teaching about the Solar System 1

Click here to see more of these solar system flash cards.

Teaching about the Solar System 3

I like to create mobiles of the solar system, but this is a miniature version in a ball. It’s here on Amazon. I like it because it has the planets suspended for you to see them from any angle and the pieces cannot get lost. Everything is fixed in place. I wish that it was bigger like the size of a basketball but still, it’s a good idea.

If you want to make a solar system mobile, you can follow the steps in my ‘How to Make a Solar System Model‘ blog post.

Teaching about the Solar System 5