Thank you Cards for Teachers Appreciation Week or End of School Year!

Thank you Cards for Teachers appreciation week

This is a complete D.I.Y craft that makes a wonderful gift for a teacher. These cards can be used for Teacher Appreciation Week or to say ‘Thank you’ at the end of the school year. It comes in pink and yellow for the female teachers and blue and purple for male teachers.

Thank you Cards for Teachers

Each card says ‘Thank you for…’ (written above the pocket)

Thank you Cards for Teachers

Each card has a special pocket on the inside that has sweet little messages on smaller cards just for the lucky teacher. These little cards come in a variety of colors and shapes to match their message. These massages are all of the things that you are thankful for.

Here are some examples below:

Thank you for ‘sparking my ideas’ – written on a bulb

Thank you for ‘teaching me to reach for the stars’ – written on a star

Thank you for ‘steering me in the right direction’ – written on a steering wheel

Thank you for ‘sparking my ideas’ – written on a bulb

You can see each one much clearer in the pictures below.


I can suggest these on the left for the female teachers and these on the right for the males but you can mix and match them!

All of the messages are expressions of thanks for all of the many different things that teachers do!

It is available at my TpT store as an 18-page digital download complete a tutorial and all of the cards and shapes you’ll need to make one.


Here’s a really cool thing I discovered, all of the card inserts can make a really spectacular Teacher Appreciation Week gift idea that is so easy to make (even easier than the card!). All you’ll need are thin craft ticks or skewers, clear tape, a marker, a disposable cup or small plastic flower pot, small erasers or paper clips and my card inserts. First, think of the inserts as little signs or posters, then tape them onto the craft sticks. Arrange them into the disposable cup which has already been filled with erasers or pepr clips (these will hold the craft sticks in place). Use a marker to write ‘Thank you for…‘ on the cup.

These are pictures of what I used…


…to make this!

Teachers appreciation gift ideas

Happy Teachers Appreciation Week!

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