Cactus Classroom Decor and More!

Cactus themed classroom decor ideas
I noticed that cactus themed classroom decor is really hot right now and they make any classroom have that chic modern look. I love that it is so light with the pale backgrounds and deep greens because green is calming and the white backgrounds bring more light into the classroom which makes a chaotic place feel clean and bright.  This theme really stands out on fabric. So you must have it on rugs, throw pillows, pencil cases, knick-knack bags, etc. Throw pillows are great for reading areas so why not incorporate some cute cacti there as well? I can’t sew but I wish I could! If you’re like me, you can use ready-made cactus pillows.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commision for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making a cactus themed classroom.

Cactus themed bulletin board ideas

Cactus themed Bulletin Boards


Always use neutral colors for bulletin board paper. This one above is a white wood paper roll. The other has a faux wood border on a black background.


Recreate a bulltin board like this using similar cactus cut-outs. Most bulletin boards use weathered wood bulletin board paper as seen in the picture above. This one also used paper flowers.

Some bulletin boards use a polka dot background with colorful accents. This teacher used a lot of bright colors but it is still a cactus themed bulletin board.

This cactus themed bulletin board reads ‘In this class, we stick together’. If you would like to re-create this bulletin board, you will need these cactus cut-outs, a cactus border, and this wood bulletin board paper.

This cactus bulletin board proves that you can use colors that compliment green like yellow and blue. I’m actually loving this look with these blue and yellow border trims.

You can create your own cactus cut-outs for your bulletin board. In the picture above, the teacher bought one pack of the Eureka cactus cut-outs and based on the sizes of these, she drew and designed her own cut-outs for her students’ names. I think they look fabulous! The Eureka letters and cactus border blend together perfectly.

This cactus bulletin board was created with this huge 58 piece set.

Add these cactus accents to your large bulletin boards.

Cactus Themed Classroom Jobs

Free Cactus Themed Classroom Decor Printables

I hope you enjoyed reading about Cactus Classroom Decor and More and I included for you some links to some irresistibly cute Cactus classroom printables for you to download.

Free Cactus name plates   Free cactus themed lined writing pages

Free name plates – cactus theme                      Free lined writing pages – cactus theme

Free name tags made for these lanyards. I intentionally made them slightly smaller so that they can slide into the pocket easily.

Free Lanyard Hall Passes: These were made to fit vertical lanyards like this one. They are reversible!

More cactus themed ideas for your classroom




Cactus clothespins                                                         Cactus gel pens


Cactus storage bins                               Cactus waste basket


Cactus wall paper                                      Cactus transparent pencil cases


Cactus themed Teacher Journal with quotes for teachers

There’s also cactus duct tape for making instant borders for your boards and posters. See the cute coffee mug here.


You can use theseTropical Cactus Wall Decals and Cactus thumb tacks your classroom.