Editable Classroom Labels in 25 Themes

Editable Classroom Labels in popular themes

Are you looking for blank editable classroom labels in different themes? This set of labels come in many themes such as owls, superhero, space, monsters, ocean, rock n roll, pirates, Hollywood, dinosaur, circus, etc. Each label has the text ‘type here’ on it for you to edit it with your own categories. If you need labels with general categories already typed in, you can see them here in this blog post.

I highly recommend laminating tham after printing so that they’ll last for a long time. Each label is 12.5cm x 6cm or 5″ x 2.4″. There are six labels on each page. They are all Power Point files. You get to download them instantly upon purchase and they can be used for years because you’ll have lifetime access to the files (from TpT).

I should mention that you can find similar labels that already have the titles typed in for you with pictures on them to match the items being labeled. These labels are also themed based and have the same dimensions as the ‘type here’ ones. See more information about them in this blog post.

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Editable Classroom Labels in 25 Themes 1Editable Classroom Labels in 25 Themes 3Classroom wooden mailbox for clipboard storage

These classroom labels can also be used for book bins, containers, drawers, cabinets, shelves, books, mailboxes, student trays and more. See them all on TpT here.

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Blank Editable Classroom Labels in different themes

The classroom labels come in these themes: ocean theme, monster theme, rock n roll theme, space theme, superhero theme, dinosaur theme, pirate theme, owl theme, Hollywood theme, circus theme,  cactus theme, emoji theme, back-to-school theme, llama theme, bee theme, camping theme, and more. See the complete list in TpT here. You can take sneak peaks at them in their categories below.

Editable Classroom Labels in 25 Themes 5

Animal Theme Editable Classroom Labels

The animal themes for these editable labels are farm theme, owl theme, llama theme, dino theme, and bee theme.

Farm themed editable classroom labelsClassroom Labels Editable Owl Theme
Classroom Labels Editable Llama ThemeClassroom Labels Editable Dinosaur ThemeClassroom Labels Editable Bee Theme
Editable Classroom Labels in 25 Themes 5

Nature Themed Editable Classroom Labels

Nature classroom themed can be based on locations that are natural landforms. The themes for these classrooom labels are woodland theme, camping theme, and ocean theme.

Woodland themed editable classroom labels sqClassroom Labels Editable Camping ThemeClassroom Labels Editable Ocean Theme
Editable Classroom Labels in 25 Themes 5

People themed Editable Classroom Labels

The classroom labels that are based on people are great for if you are doing a community workers unit or if you are teaching about groups of people for collective nouns. These labels have clip art of people dressed up in a theme on them. The themes for these classroom labels are superhero theme, Hollywood theme, pirate theme, and Rock and Roll theme.

Classroom Labels Editable Hollywood Theme
Classroom Labels Editable Superhero ThemeClassroom Labels Editable Pirate ThemeClassroom Labels Editable Rock n Roll Theme
Editable Classroom Labels in 25 Themes 5

Interest Themed Editable Classroom Labels

These classroom labels are based on popular hobbies and interests of stusdents. The themes are monster theme, circus theme, space theme, back to school theme, construction theme, rock and roll theme, and USA Patriotic theme.

Editable Classroom Labels in 25 Themes 15
Classroom Labels Editable Monster ThemeClassroom Labels Editable Circus ThemeClassroom Labels Editable Space Theme
Classroom Labels Editable Back to School ThemeEditable Classroom Labels in 25 Themes 17USA Patriotic Themed Editable Labels
Editable Classroom Labels in 25 Themes 5

Contemporary Design Theme Editable Classroom Labels

These themes for these labels are based on artistic design elements which have a central motif. The themes are reach for the stars theme, cactus theme, emoji theme, groovy theme, boho theme, and rainbow theme.

Star themed editable labels 2x3 star themed EDITABLE CLASSROOM LABELS scribbleClassroom Labels Editable Cactus ThemeClassroom Labels Editable Emoji Theme
Groovy themed editable classroom labelsBoho themed editable classroom labelsRainbow themed editable classroom labels
Editable Classroom Labels in 25 Themes 5

Go crazy and label everything in sight! I love that there are so many themes that teachers are using. I hope you have found labels for your classroom through this post. Remember, if you don’t see one above to match your theme, you can see the full set of listings here.

If you’d like me to make one specially for your unique theme, just tell me about it in the comment section below or use the ‘Ask this Seller a Question’ tab at my TpT store and I’ll be happy to make it for you.

Which theme are you using this year?

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