Editable Name Plates

Name plates in different themes

I have a confession, don’t laugh! Usually after the first week of school, teachers know their new students’ names by heart, right? Well, not me. I am THE WORST at remembering names. It’s downright shameful! I couldn’t have my students still wearng name tags after the first week of school. However, I found myself glancing at their desks whenever a name slipped my mind to read the name plate. So there! That’s my little secret. Who knew… name plates aren’t just for helping students write their names…

Anyway, these are editable name plates for back-to-school and more will be added to this post in other themes very soon. I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. You can use velcro strips to easily stick them to desks or move them around. Since they are editable, you can type the names in cursive if you have older students.

Reach for the Stars theme Name plates editable   Editable Name Plates 1

Editable Name Plates – Star Theme                     Editable Name Plates – Emoji Theme

Editable Name Plates 3   Editable Name Plates 5

Editable Name Plates – Hollywood Theme                     Editable Name Plates – Owl Theme

Editable Name Plates 7   Editable Name Plates 9

Editable Name Plates – Bee Theme                         Editable Name Plates – Back to School Theme

Editable Name Plates 11 Editable Name Plates 13

Editable Name Plates – Camping Theme                  Editable Name Plates – Superhero Theme

Editable Name Plates 15

Editable Name Plates – Ocean Theme

Editable desk Plates

Cactus themed name plates

Editable Name Plates

Editable Name Plates 17