Emoji Classroom Decor and More

Emoji themed classroom decor ideas

Emojis have really taken on a life of their own in the classroom. Emoji classroom decor is now a popular choice for teachers needing a change from the traditional themes.  Everyone has a favorite emoji, so why not have silly cute yellow faces all around your students. They make great rewards for student behavior or student progress. Aside from the suggestions below, you can customize your own emoji themed back to school stuff for your classroom with editable printables.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more.

Emoji Classroom Decor

The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making an emoji themed classroom.

Emoji Classroom Decor and More 1

Emoji Teacher Notebook


Emoji Classroom Decor and More 3

Keep these erasers handy on your classroom whiteboard.

Emoji Classroom Decor and More 5   Emoji Classroom Decor and More 7

Use as rewards!

Emoji Classroom Decor and More 9   Emoji Classroom Decor and More 11

Emoji wall decals and borders

Emoji Classroom Decor and More 13

Cute emoji border for bulletin boards

Emoji Classroom Decor and More 15

Emoji themed classroom paper lanterns

Emoji Classroom Decor and More 17

This emoji themed goal setting thermometer poster can be used for classroom ‘read-a-thons’ or fundraisers.

And best of all, emoji pillows for your reading area…

Emoji Classroom Decor and More 19

Free emoji printables below. More will be added soon…

Emoji Classroom Decor and More 21

Free Lanyard Hall Passes: These were made to fit vertical lanyards like this one. They are reversible!

Free editable name tags

Free printable emoji name tags made for these lanyards on Amazon.  I intentionally made them slightly smaller so that they can slide into the pocket easily. Did I mention that they are reversible and free for you to download?

Free printable Emoji Reward Avery Stickers Emoji Classroom Decor and More 23

Free printable Emoji Reward Stickers             Free Emoji Student Timetable editable class schedule

Free emoji themed wrting papers

Free emoji themed wrting pages. These are lined papers that you just have to print and that’s it. The line types on it vary from large triple lined, and small single line, to large single line. Get it as a free download here from my TpT Emoji collection.

I also made a blog post all about making a yellow themed classroom. Please check out the additional ideas that will complement your emoji themed classroom. Will you be using emojis this year?

Emoji Classroom Decor and More 25

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