Alphabet and Number Posters for the Classroom

Alphabet and number posters in different themes

We all know how important it is to have our classroom walls covered with print-rich material. It’s never too early to start. For the basic alphabet and the numbers 1 to 10, students should not see these in isolation, but be able to associate the numbers with value and likewise associate the letters with sound. It is always better to have ABC posters or cards with the uppercase and lowercase together so they can be seen as one, and to have matching pictures and word examples of everyday common objects that represent the letter for the object’s beginning sound.

For number posters, it is the same principle. Each number should have a picture to represent value and students really understand ten frames the easiest and tem frames will help with more advanced concepts later on. So the sooner they are exposed to ten frames, the better.

These ABC 123 posters have each number or letter on a different page and they are created to match different classroom decor themes. Use them as posters on your walls or print them out smaller as flashcards. I chose a simple clean font to have accurate letter and number formation as these tend to vary greatly with different fonts. My pet peeve having the lower case ‘Q’ looking like a nine! I searched high and low to find a font that makes the Q ‘kick back’ it’s tail with a pointy angle. By the way I’d love to know what your alphabet pet peeves are. You can share it in the comments below!

These are links below to the sets that are ready so far in my TpT back to school collection. See them all here.

ABC 123 Emoji Posters

ABC 123 Emoji themed Alphabet and Number Posters

ABC 123 Cactus Posters

ABC 123 Cactus themed Alphabet and Number Posters

ABC 123 Camping Posters 

ABC 123 Camping themed Alphabet and Number Posters

Construction themed Alphabet and Number Posters 1 and 2

Boho Themed Alphabet and Number Posters

Pirate Themed Alphabet and Number Posters

I love that there are so many themes that teachers are using. Remember, if you don’t see one above to match your theme, you can see the full set of listings here.

More Alphabet and Number Posters for the Classroom will be added soon in other themes.

If you’d like me to make one specially for your unique theme, just tell me about it in the comment section below or use the ‘Ask this Seller a Question’ tab at my TpT store and I’ll be happy to make it for you. Which theme are you using this year?