Irregular Verb Flash Cards in Seasonal Themes

Irregular Verb Printables in Seasonal Themes

This is an amazing collection of Irregular Verb Flash Cards in Different Themes. Each card shows the present tense, past simple, and past participle forms of each verb to match the picture shown. The cards are perfect for group work and stations. Each of the themed sets and seasonal sets are listed for you below. Just click on the pictures to them on TpT. Every set has 52 irregular verbs.


Irregular Verb Flash Cards – Fall/Autumn Theme     Irregular Verb Flash Cards – Winter Theme


Irregular Verb Flash Cards – Spring Themed       Irregular Verb Flash Cards – Summer Theme

Special day sets and holiday themed sets are below.


Irregular Verbs Flash Cards Halloween Theme    Irregular Verbs Flash Cards Thanksgiving Theme

Irregular Verbs Flash Cards – Christmas Theme