Cute Cactus Coffee Mugs for Teachers

Why is a cute coffee mug a simple way to treat yourself? A pretty mug makes your brew even more enjoyable and relaxing because it gives you that pampered feeling. And teachers need to take any sort of pampering that they can squeeze into their crazy busy schedules.

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I especially love personalized coffee mugs because they are unique to you. What kinds do you like? I love hand painted mugs like the mug in the picture above. I put together a list below of the cutest cactus coffee mugs for teachers:

Personalized cactus coffee mug – you can have your name on it or something like ‘One Sharp Teacher’ or ‘Stayin’ Sharp’.

The customizable ones print on both sides. This one is another option.

The ones below are not customizable but they are very cute.

Cactus ELA Teacher Cute Reading Mug


Can’t Touch This – Cactus Coffee Mug                  Watercolor Cactus Ceramic Coffee Mug


Cactus Coffee Mug for Teachers             Teach Like A Cactus Teacher Coffee Mug


2nd Grade Cactus Teacher Mug              Cute 5th Grade Cactus Teacher Mug