Joke Books for Kids

If you need clean and really funny joke books for kids, then these books will be just right for you. After struggling to find picture books with jokes that have pictures, I made it my mission to work on creating the most ideal sets of joke books for children.  The themes include, farm jokes, superhero jokes, animal jokes, etc, to keep students reading throughout the school year.

What is unique about these books is that each and every riddle joke, knock-knock joke, or tongue twister, is beautifully illustrated in color.  All are available exclusively on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format. Just click on each picture here to use the Look Inside feature on Amazon to see more.

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If you have Kindle Unlimited, the ebooks are free on your Kindle app and your students can read them right away.


Farm Joke Book for Kids          Wild Animals Joke Book       Superhero Joke Book for Kids


Gross Joke Book for Kids                 Joke Book for Boys                   Joke Book for Girls


Jokes about Bugs                   Jokes about Money                      Royal Jokes

There is also a series of seasonal joke books.

Each book below is based on a season, special day, or holiday.


Valentine’s Day Jokes                        Presidents’ Day Jokes                         Winter Jokes for Kids

Spring Joke Book for Kids          Mother’s Day Joke Book          April Fools’ Joke Book for Kids

End of Year Picture Book for Kids jokes

Teacher Appreciation Joke Book      End of School Joke Book for Kids      Easter Joke Book for Kids


  Back to School Joke Book       Summer Joke Book for Kids        Father’s Day Joke Book for Kids    

 Fall themed Joke Book for Kids 

Halloween Joke Book for Kids      Fall themed Joke Book for Kids     Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids


Christmas Joke Book for Kids           Leap Day Joke Book    

More books are on the way! You can follow me on my Amazon author’s page so that you don’t miss any of the upcoming books.

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