The Best Pencils for the Classroom

The best pencils for classrooms

Pencils are probably the single most used tools in the classroom. For something that is mostly bought in bulk, isn’t funny that we can’t seem to ever have enough! Students can really go through your pencil supply! I’ve found that depending on the brands you choose, some pencils actually do last much longer than most.

I have to warn you to stay away from the cutesy pencils that might match your classroom theme or the ones with cool messages on them – no matter how cute they are. By the way, if you know of any like these that are of good quality, please let me know! Below are the best pencils for the classroom (click on each to see their prices on Amazon). I love to find awesome classroom hacks and tips for teachers. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. I hope to save you time by finding the best quality pencils for your class.

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Ticonderoga Wood-Cased Graphite Pencils: These are best choice. They hardly ever break and the erasers are sturdy. Most other teachers love this brand too. They are also safe for classroom use: PMA certified non-toxic. Note: if you live in a third world country like me, there is risk involved if you buy them locally. True story: I bought some in bulk locally and those were terrible. I thought they were expired. After doing some research I learned that the company uses different wood sources and some are made in Mexico whereas some are made in China. Also, as a general rule, always choose the ones that say ‘100% American Cedar Wood’ on the box. When I order them on Amazon, I get the best quality, no problems, because I get the choose the exact type I want.

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This second option is also a good choice. The AmazonBasics pre-sharpened wood cased #2 HB pencils are presharpened. That would save you some time when you’re filling pencil boxes for back to school.

If I come across any more pencils worth mentioning, I’ll be adding them to the list. See the best electric pencil sharpeners for teachers in this blog post.

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