Kids Joke Book for Back to School

Kids Joke Book for Back to School is the latest addition to the Seasonal Joke Book Series of clean joke books just for kids. Every riddle joke, knock-knock joke, and tongue twister, is beautifully illustrated in color to appeal to young children. They are suitable for kids aged 7 to 12 or for Grades 1 to 6. Some of my other joke books are for an older age bracket but the back to school jokes in this book are funny yet simple enough for the young ones to understand. The words are all in large printed font. More books are on the way! You can follow me on my Amazon author’s page so that you don’t miss any of the upcoming books.

All children should enjoy reading and using joke books is great way to get reluctant readers to have an interest in reading and enjoy turning each page as it fills them with laughs and giggles!

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For each paperback that you have bought, you get the Kindle version for free! Also, If you have Kindle Unlimited, then they are free on your Kindle app and your kids can read them right away.

See more of this book on Amazon to see the inside and some joke samples.  See the Kindle Version here.