Using Spinning Wheels for Classroom Management and Games

Do you remember the large game show wheel on the Wheel of Fortune show? I guess it still airs… Anyway, there are cute miniature versions that you can use in your classroom for anything from classroom rewards and classroom management to center games. You just write on them because each color panel has a dry erase surface.

If you want to use if as a reward system,  write different prizes on the wheel, such as pencil with eraser, candy, spin again, bring own device (fun Friday) mystery prize, etc. That makes it convenient to change the prizes as often as you want. Students will really look forward to spinning the wheel.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. Check out these below from Amazon.


The 24″ WinSpin Tabletop Spinning Prize Wheel:

The two pictures above have the same spinning wheel. Rewards and prizes can be written on it.

The 12 Inch-Tabletop Color Spinning Wheel with Stand: Use this for subject review.

The tiny 12″ Heavy Duty Prize Wheel: Put prizes in envelopes which fit perfectly between slots. Students can spin for their presents. The one in the picture was used for a Christmas treat.

Also use them for:

  • ELA & Math problems. Students can get a free spin during a lesson if they answer the questions correctly. It keeps their attention going.
  • Wheel Wednesday
  • Motivating students to read with a ticketing system. When each student reads a book and passes the quiz they can spin the wheel to earn a prize. They can earn tickets to spend on toys/snacks/books, etc. Write things like: free candy prize, earn 1 ticket, earn 2 tickets, 3 tickets, go back one space or forward one space, lose a ticket, etc. I have to really give some props to this stretegy because it really helps the reluctant readers to participate. After they see their peers win 3 tickets, they become willing to work for it. Download free tickets here from my TpT collection.

  • A school fundraiser raffle wheel.

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