9 Editable Class Timetables for School

These are digital editable class timetables that you can type into and send to your students. You can even upload it to Google Slides after you put in the subjects so that your students can access it if you’re doing distance learning. Each one is a Power Point file and they come in different themes to match your class theme.

A black and white timetable version is included if you want to print and make copies.

See different popular weekly classroom timetable themes below. If you’re not using a theme this year, use this back to school timetable.

How to Use these Editable Class Timetables

  • Open the timetable file in Power Point.
  • The columns with the days of the week and the rows with the time slots can be edited.
  • Enter your class information in the corresponding cells.

Editable Class Timetables in Different Themes

Rainbow themed timetablebee themed timetableback to school themed timetable
Editable Class Timetables in different themes
Owl themed timetablesuperhero themed timetablecactus themed timetable
Editable Class Timetables for School
Camping themed timetablePirate themed timetableUnicorn themed timetable
Editable Class Timetables for Students

If you don’t see your class in these editable class timetables, you might find it here along with tons of other themes because each year, I add more themed weekly timetables to the collection.

If you’d like me to make one specially for your unique theme, just tell about it in the comment section below or use the ‘Ask this Seller a Question’ tab at my TpT store and I’ll be happy to make it for you. Which theme are you using this year?

If your students are using classroom timetables, check out these ideas about classroom clocks and classroom schedule displays to help your students to understand how to use their weekly timetables.