Frog Themed Classroom Decor and More

frog themed classroom decor ideas

Green is such a calming color. That’s one reason to have a frog themed classroom. Get your color theme as green as possible with a bit of yellow. You’ll need lots of green border trims and frog cut-outs for your bulletin boards. Here are some Frog Themed Classroom Decor ideas for you below. Scroll down to see frog themed printables.

I love finding awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making a frog themed classroom.

Frog themed weather bulletin board (#ad) and frog themed classroom door design. For the door, students’ names were written on these frog cut outs (#ad). Other cut-outs seen here are the smiling sun (#ad), pond plants, and spring creatures.

Frog themed motivational classroom poster (#ad)


Cute green frogs (#ad) or colorful frogs (#ad) to make a bulletin board

If you want to make a huge bulletin board with large frogs, the frog shaped pages of this frog notepad (#ad) can each be laminated and cut out to create large frog cut outs that you can write on.

Frog themed number line (#ad)

Lime green book bins (#ad)


Also, a black background (#ad) with green lettering (#ad) and trims can be used to make your bulletin boards.

Frog themed alphabet bulletin board set (#ad)

12" round carpets for individual classroom seating for circle time

12″ round carpets for individual classroom seating for circle time (#ad)

Pond Classroom rug round version (#ad)


Frog themed personalized classroom door sign (#ad) and hall passes (#ad)


Green pocket chart (#ad), and other things to match. Just place the frog cut-outs around them and they will go perfectly together!

I really wanted to find paper lilly pads as well but I could not find any on Amazon. That was unexpected! I know that TpT has tons of templates that you can print on green cardstock and cut out.

See my TpT Frog Themed Collection for classroom decor printabes.


More items will be added soon.