Growth Mindset Bulletin Board Ideas

Growth Mindset Bulletin Boards

Students need to know about having a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset. From elementary school to high school, students need to practice shaping their attitude about their abilities, into a positive mindset. Using growth mindset bulletin posters is an easy way to create a growth mindset bulletin boards with very little prep. I made some printable posters here, and others can be found on Amazon like the ones you’ll see in this post. Just to give you some ideas, check out the pictures below to get inspired using posters to make growth mindset door displays and bulletin boards.

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What’s Your Mindset (#ad) bulletin board using posters

Rainbow themed Growth Mindset Posters 

Rainbow themed Growth Mindset Bulletin Board Posters (#ad). The first one with the black background really stands out. These colorful tassels (#ad) were added along with this rainbow border trim (#ad).


Confetti Growth Mindset Posters (#ad) This teacher added a matching confetti border trim and black bulletin board background to her growth mindset posters.

Growth Mindset Door Display (#ad)

Growth Mindset Bulletin Board (#ad)

Use growth mindset posters to make a bullein board


These Grow Your Mindset positive saying accents are pre-laminated and they make beautiful growth mindset bulletin boards. The second bulletin board looks warm and welcoming with a wood paper background and a burlap border trim. It could work for a farmhouse theme.

The Power of Yet posters (#ad)

This is a complete set for a growth mindset bulletin board. It
includes phrases that fall under a fixed mindset and colorful phrases that fall
under a growth mindset. This bulletin board helps to support conversation and change
in thinking by way of the phrases and visuals.



Change your Words, Change Your Mindset – Growth Mindset Bulletin Board Set

This is a 7-piece Growth Mindset poster set from Amazon. You can see the rest of the posters here.

Get a whole lot of growth mindset posters on a large bulletin board display. These colorful posters are so pleasing to look at, both for the positive messages and the vivid hues.

One sure way of having positive messages is to have ‘I Can’ and ‘I Will’ growth mindset posters. Students can use a bulletin board like this as a reference to commit to a growth mindset.

If you need to make a growth mindset bulletin boards for a garden theme, floral theme, or succulents theme, these rustic bloom growth mindset cutouts would be ideal to make a bulletin board. The dark gray wood backround makes all of the flowers and pieces stand out.

These are growth mindset posters from Sproutbrite that are part of a bulletin board.

By the way, when making bulletin boards, you have to have the best tools. I put together some helpful laminating tips in this blog post.

See printable growth mindset posters in this blog post. More bulletin board ideas will be added soon.