Hacks for Upgrading Your Teacher Desk

Hacks for Upgrading Your Teacher Desk

The easiest thing you can do to beautify your desk, save space, and get some extra use out of it is to turn it into a bulletin board. If your classroom is small or you do not have enough wall space, this would work well for you.

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The picture above shows a lovely classroom jobs display on the front of the teacher desk. The white wood background (#ad) matches the walls and makes the flowers and posters pop.

If your teacher desk is starting to rust or has paint stains, you can give it a makeover with wallpaper. I love rustic wallpaper (#ad) because it looks like real wood and it is quite durable. Having the right tools makes installation quick and easy. Aside from a cutting knife, you would need a squeegee tool (#ad) or a credit card to smooth out creases.

Use wallpaper (#ad) on a wooden desktop


Cover up rusty desk sides with faux wood wallpaper (#ad)

It’s hard to tell in this picture that a marble granite wall paper (#ad) was used to cover the front of the drawer desk to match the top of the desk. This one has made a huge difference. I think that a color like this is perfect for matching seamlessly with a light colored table top.

The drawers in this teacher desk have been covered with a black self adhesive wood grain paper (#ad). This looks so real!

This teacher has a Hollywood classroom theme and her desk has been upgraded with a confetti bulletin board background an the front and side of her desk.

Here is another one. This teacher’s old rusty desk has been completely covered with weathered wood art paper (#ad).

This is a chevron self adhesive wall paper that cover the front of the teacher desk.

After putting on an adhesive paper, a poster like this can be added.

Banners, garlands, buntings, and vinyl decals can be added to your teacher desk.

If you need a valence to go over the front of your teacher desk, particulary for the lower half, this boho themed macrame knitted valence can work well for you. It has long cords on the ends so that you can tie it off across your desk.

Of course you can also paint over your old desk. And use a table cover that matches your classroom theme. But you already know about that. Is there any other thing that you can do that I have missed? You can add it in the comments and I will add it to this post.

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