Marquee Classroom Theme Ideas

Marquee themed classroom decor

Are you thinking of having a marquee classroom theme this year?  No one can resist the brightly lit letters that almost seem to flash and blink. A marquee theme gives you a feeling of anticipation of something exciting. You are here for something great, a new release of the latest knowledge that will blow your mind. Marquee headers and posters are guaranteed to get your students’ attention and set the tone for anticipating the next new topic.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making a marquee themed classroom.

Marquee theme classroom calendar

Marquee themed focus wall letters

Marquee themed bulletin board letters

Marquee Classroom Bulletin Board: Lit Learners. Lightbulbs fit in perfectly with this flashy theme. They are cutouts. The border is also full of lightbulbs.

I love what this teacher did to these standing marquee letters. She bought the plain letters for ‘READ’ and added decorative paper to the back of each letter for them to pop even more. She created this look for her classroom library.


Marquee classroom star border trim and blue border trim

Make your own bulletin boards. This one was created for Teacher Appreciation Week. It includes popcorn, a ‘NOW FEATURING’ marquee header, and film accents.

This take home folder center was created with marquee letters, arrow and star accents, and marquee bordered paper. The pocket chart below used these marquee labels.

Marquee themed bulletin board with star accents and Sproutbrite posters.


Marquee Classroom motivational poster

A blank schedule chart with marquee letters for the heading and a marquee star border that was cut to fit the top of the chart.

Marquee pocket chart for schedule cards

Marquee mini pocket chart

Marquee Classroom hooks for hanging up charts and providing easy access to other things that can be hanged.

Make your classroom bulletin boards dazzle with marquee borders in different colors.


Marquee magnetic stars for a magnetic whitboard display. There are also magnetic borders in this theme.


You’ve got to have popcorn cut-outs! I also like the idea of popcorn erasers on pencils.

If you have decor for a Hollywood theme, they can be used for a marquee theme too, if they have the right lettering.