Woodland Classroom Theme

Woodland classroom decor ideas

A woodland classroom theme is perfect for giving your classroom an outdoor feel of being immersed in nature. It’s a warm theme that honestly carries the vibe of happiness, togetherness, and friendship. The sight of butterflies makes us happy. Forest friends are everywhere. When you see some of the pictures below, you will see what I mean. The classroom posters would read something like ‘Welcome to Our Neck of the Woods’, ‘Learning is an Adventure’, or ‘Kindness Leaves Others Encouraged’. Since it is similar to a camping theme, a lot of camping theme decor can be used. The main elements you will need are a tree with leaves and forest animals.

Woodland Classroom Theme 1

I love finding awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making a woodland themed classroom.

Woodland Classroom Theme 3

This classroom has some Eric Carle cut-outs of woodland creatures, trees made of green and brown paper, and hanging fall leaves.

Woodland Classroom Theme 5 Woodland Classroom Theme 7

Tree wall decals can create a forest atmosphere to transform your classroom to match your theme. I love this woodland themed classroom bookshelf idea – with the birch tree contact paper along the back panel and the rest of the bookshelf is painted green.

Woodland Classroom Theme 9

Woodland classroom calendar bulletin board

Woodland Classroom Theme 11

Woodland themed Classroom Door made from a bulletin board set

Woodland Classroom Theme 13

Another classroom door bulletin board that encourages reading, with a woodland theme.

Woodland Classroom Theme 15

Woodland Classroom Bulletin Board

Woodland Classroom Theme 17

This large welcome back to school bulletin board has a woodland themed border trim and large cutouts of woodland creatures.

Woodland Classroom Theme 19

Fall Bulletin Board

Woodland Classroom Theme 21

Woodland creatures banner

Woodland themed classroom decor printables from my TpT store (so far):

Woodland Classroom Theme 23

Woodland themed Meet the Teacher Template – Editable

More woodland themed decor ideas from Amazon:

Woodland Classroom Theme 25

This Woodland themed birthday bulletin board has balloons for each month of the year, and festive woodland creature cut outs, and birthday cut outs.

Woodland Classroom Theme 27

These woodland themed motivational posters can be paired together for a bulletin board or placed individually all over your classroom. There is the Stand Tall poster and the Other People Matter poster.

Woodland Classroom Theme 29

Woodland Animal cut-outs

Woodland Classroom Theme 31

Woodland themed name plates

Woodland Classroom Theme 33

Wild about learning class decor kit with earthy colored background

Woodland Classroom Theme 35

This forest floor rug is lovely but… the price! OMG!

Woodland Classroom Theme 37

I saw these log seating cushions for a reading nook on Amazon. They are quite affordable.

Woodland Classroom Theme 39

Woodland themed classroom bookshelf

Woodland Classroom Theme 41

Hang up paper lanterns and add plastic butterflies to them.

Woodland Classroom Theme 43

This ‘Look Who’s Learning’ bulletin board consists of a large tree, woodland animals, and owls. The tree adjusts to different heights and you can add your own items to change the look of the tree for different seasons.

More ideas will be added soon.

Woodland Classroom Theme 45