Antonym Flashcards with Pictures

Antonym Flashcards with Pictures 1

Antonym flashcards with pictures. Each card has two pictures to portray the matching antonym pairs on it. There are forty cards in total.

This is the list of antonyms in the deck: big/small, black/white, buy/sell, clean/dirty, day/night, empty/full, front/back, generous/selfish, happy/sad, hot/cold, in/out, indoor/outdoors, left/right, light/heavy, new/old, on/off, open/close, under/over, pull/push, quiet/loud, slow/fast, wise/foolish, go/stop, strong/weak, tall/short, thin/fat, upright/upside down, wet/dry, young/old, bad/good, easy/difficult, ugly/beautiful, laugh/cry, calm/rough, hate/love, question/answer, asleep/awake, blunt/sharp, bitter/sweet, and brave/afraid.

Each page has four flashcards.

Antonym Flashcards with Pictures 2