Chalkboard Classroom Decor for Teachers

Chalkboard themed classroom decor ideas

A chalkboard classroom theme is one of the most classic styles for classrooms. It can be used for a black and white classroom (with the white chalk on a chalkboard look) or be used in a colorful classroom with the brightly colored chalk. You don’t need to use real chalk or real chalkboards. Liquid chalk on chalkboard paper is now commonly used because no one likes getting their hands covered in chalk dust and it is easier to write with liquid chalk markers.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making a chalkboard classroom.

See the beautiful chalkboard decor set (#ad) at Amazon by Teacher Created Resources (the picture above includes some of it).

I love these chalkboard motivational classroom posters (#ad) and the matching welcome pennant (#ad) at the top.

More chalkboard posters (#ad) for the classroom


Black bulletin board paper (#ad) makes everthing pop.


Chalkboard Motivational Posters for the classroom (#ad) and posters encouraging positive classroom traits (#ad).

Class Birthday wall display for chalkboard classroom (#ad)

Chalkboard bulletin board areas can be lined with bright and colorful border trims for contrast. This listing of border trims has a drop down menu for you to choose the colors you want.

This classroom table is covered with a chalkboard adhesive paper. The teacher writes on it with chalk markers.


Chalkboard classroom calendar (#ad) and Chalkboard Alphabet Line Bulletin Board (#ad)


Cute classroom cadddy (#ad) and manilla folders (#ad)with bright chalk on chalboard patterns.

Chalkboard printables that are available at my TpT collection:

Chalkboard Classroom Labels

Chalkboard themed teacher journals:


Chalkboard Teacher Journal (Elementary) (#ad) and Chalkboard Teacher Journal (Cursive Cover) (#ad)

Kindergarten Teacher Journal (#ad)

More ideas will be added soon.