Birthday Bulletin Board Ideas

Don’t you love making birthday bulletin boards in your classroom? When each student sees his/her name on a special symbol for his/her birth month, that is a special moment. For students, they get to value their own birthday and birth month, and join in celebrating with the other students for everyone’s birthday. This post may be about birthday bulletin boards but it’s also for doors and walls. You can get editable printable birthday bulletin boards here in the form of interactive pictographs. The examples below can be found on Amazon.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making birthday bulletin boards.

Birthday bulletin Boards for Classrooms


These are birthday bulletin boards by Schoolgirl Style. Star themed birthday bulletin board (#ad) with a rainbow border, and for the other birthday bulletin board, the teacher added a calendar.

Confetti Birthday Bulletin board (#ad). The scribble framed birthday bulletin board was created by merging scribble borders (#ad), labels (#ad), and letters (#ad).


Watch Us Grow Birthday Bulletin Board (#ad)

Oh Happy Day Birthday Bulletin Board (#ad) and Hello Sunshine Birthday Bulletin Board (#ad) by School Girl Style

This is a complete set for an ice-cream themed birthday bulletin board.

This chalkboard themed classroom birthdays bulletin board really pops with the bright pink background.

This is a Boho themed birthday bulletin board with muted colors. Boho bulletin boards a very calmig to look at.

Recreate this festive birthday bulletin board with this Scholastic birthday set and these colorful paper fans.


These birthday bulletin boards were made with a 20-piece bulletin board set with birthday cakes for each month.


You can mix and match birthday cut-outs (#ad) with birthday party decoations to create a unique display. By the way, when making bulletin boards, you have to have the best tools. I put together some helpful laminating tips in this blog post.


I recently found another birthday bulletin board set that has cake cutouts for each month. Its a chalkboard themed set.

Birthday Classroom Door Bulletin Boards

You can put your birthday cutouts on your classroom door so that your birthday classroom door will be the first thing that students see when they enter your classroom.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Students

These are just little tokens like cards and stickers, that you can give out to birthday students to make them feel special on their birthday.

As we are on the topic of birthdays, you may also be interested in this Birthday Joke Book for Kids in paperback and Kindle (#ad). I enjoyed making it for classrooms.

I found these cute birthday stickers for students. Each student gets to wear one on his/her birthday. The birthday student can also wear a birthday crown. You can also have some birthday pencils set aside for birthday kids.


Another great item to keep around for your birthday students is a birthday card collection. These are 100 tiny assorted cards that come in a range of colors and simple words of good wishes for all your generic birthday card needs. They are suitable for a classroom where the teacher marks each student’s special day. Cards are good quality stock and come with plain white envelopes. The sayings are not overly sentimental and you will have room to add your own personal note if you choose. Also included is a plain spiral lined notebook measuring 5” x 7” to keep track of birthdates.

More ideas will be added soon.