The New Normal for Classrooms

The new normal for classrooms social distancing

What is the new normal for classrooms that are back in session within the school walls? Lots of spacing and constant hygiene. No sharing of tools, no carpets or fabrics for classroom decor, and even for the teachers and staff, they no longer use the fridge, microwave or any other shared appliances. It’s quite a change and many teachers and students are just carrying their essentials like a sandwich for lunch and other bare necessities. Classrooms are spaced out and sometimes half of the students are physically present while the other half are present online. Some classes have some sort of shift system so that not all students are crammed into the classroom.

The New Normal for Classrooms 1

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For safety measures, some physical distancing is necessary between desks. This teacher used safety tape (#ad) to mark out the spacing of his desk arragements. Strips of the same tape were also used to make arrows.

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On a carpet floor, this other teacher used carpet spots (#ad) show where each desk is to be placed. The dots work well to keep the student desks in their spot for distancing during Covid. The Velcro attaches easily to the carpet. They can easily be peeled up by hand but they don’t move when the desks move. Students can check the floor to see if they have moved their desks and slide their desk back on the circles if need be. But I guess most schools no longer use carpets…

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Some classrooms have sneeze guards. These in the picture were donated by a parent. While safety is of paramount importance, it can cause some visibility glare and reduce the clarity of of the voices behind them almost in a way that a mask does.

Another new restriction that is common is that teachers cannot put any papers or fabrics on the walls. So that means no posters, no bulletin boards. Just an empty wall.

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This teacher used a sheet of bulletin board paper (#ad) to cover her blank wall. I guess it was less paperish and more plastic/glossy to be allowed. At least her wall doesn’t have to be completely boring for her students.

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How are you coping with your class?

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