How to Make Trees for Classroom Bulletin Boards and Walls

DIY classroom trees

Teachers are great at creating the most beautiful landscapes and tree backgrounds for bulletin boards and doors. Trees and other elements of nature help to make landscapes more realistic. There are many ways to create a classroom tree. The trunk and branches are usually made of twisted brown paper. Leaf cut-outs and vines can be added for foliage. Most paper trees are made into a bulletin board or they can be created right on the classroom wall. They are often used for an enchanted classroom theme, spring theme, woodland theme, or camping theme.

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Classroom Trees for Bulletin Boards and Walls

In the picture above, the teacher used both the wall and ceiling to spread her tree. This brown paper (#ad) was used for the tree trunk and branches.

See more examples in the pictures below.

  • Use old cardboard boxes as material to make the tree foliage and trunk: The cardboard was painted in green and in brown. I like that this has a three-dimensional effect.

  • Keep it simple: Sometimes, brown paper and vines are all you need to make a corner tree. I prefer to see the tree leaves that are made of bundled vines because it looks more realistic.

  • Use Tree wall decals: Tree decals can instantly give your classroom wall a forested look.

  • Add elements to match your classroom theme: This tree was made for a large picnic themed bulletin board using twisted up brown paper.

 DIY Tree for classroom bulletin board

  • Hang vines for leaves: This classroom tree is wrapped in a huge roll of brown paper. Twisted branches are sprouted from the top and hanging vines are added. A faux leaf vine (#ad) was used to make the leaves of this other tree.

  • Make a brown paper tree: For the most simple tree design, all you need is brown paper, glue, a stapler, and leaf cut-outs.

  • Hang leaves from the ceiling: String together some paper leaves and use ceiling hooks to hang them from the ceiling. This effect makes for a beautiful classroom tree.

  • Use green tissue flowers for tree leaves: This classroom tree was made with brown paper for the trunk, and four packs of green tissue pompoms for the leaves. By placing the tree in the corner wall, it requires less material to make it, since it is basically a quarter of a tree.

There are also seasonal classroom trees. I have created blog posts with Spring trees and Fall trees for classroom bulletin boards and walls. You’ll find bulletin board ideas for Spring here and Fall here.