Checkered Classroom theme

A checkered classroom theme is very classy and timeless theme. The black and white checkered pattern can also be used with a chess theme and a racing theme. The color theme is black and white but you can add a hint of another color here and there.  Scroll down to see checkered themed printables.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making a checkered classroom.

Checkered Classroom theme Decor Ideas

Checkered Classroom theme 1

This is a racing themed classroom door design with car cut-outs. Racing themed classrooms use the checkered pattern for decor.

Checkered Classroom theme 2Checkered Classroom theme 3
Checkered classroom door signCheckered Black and White 5 x 7 Area Rug Carpet 
Checkered Classroom theme 4

I like this checkered classroom bucket for storing community supplies on group tables.

This theme is great for both elementary school and middle school.

Checkered Classroom theme 5

Checkered Classroom theme Decor Printables

See my collection of checkered themed printables here.

Checkered Classroom theme 6

These printables are from my TpT collection. You get to download them instantly upon purchase and they can be used for years because you’ll have lifetime access to the files. You will be notified if I make any updates to the files and any updated versions will be available to you.

Checkered Classroom theme 7Checkered Classroom theme 8
Checkered themed center labelscheckered themed name plates
Checkered Classroom theme 5

Did you know that the British spelling is ‘chequered’ not checkered. Locally, I use British english, so it was actually strange for me to see the American spelling!

Checkered themed classrooms can also be decorated with simple black and white decorations. See examples of these in this blog post.

More ideas will be added soon.

Checkered Classroom theme 10