Farmhouse Classroom Theme Ideas

This post is a growing listing of Farmhouse Classroom Theme Ideas that are perfect for an elementary classroom.  A farmhouse theme uses the wood grain pattern as the main color theme because it is a very natural theme that is all about going back to basics. Minimalism and simplicity is key. Scroll down to see farmhouse themed classroom decor printables.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making a farmhouse classroom.

This mason jar bulletin board has a mason jar for each student. As assignments are completed, stickers are added to jars to track the completion of work. This teacher used spider stickers. The mason jar cut outs (#ad) can also be used for classroom jobs.


Cute storage of pencils – farmhouse themed classroom (#ad)

These are called wall hanging half buckets. They can add some extra storage to your classroom.


I found a caddy! It is very vintage looking but perfect for a farmhouse classroom. I also found this galvanized storage tray with handles.


This rustic wallpaper (#ad) looks like real wood and it is quite durable. The push pin markings don’t show much at all from a distance because of the pattern.

Classroom wall paper (#ad) is also good for the larger areas outside the classroom.

Rustic bulletin board with posters (#ad)


This classroom door matches this theme perfectly. Black stitched lettering (#ad) and painted wood letters (#ad) were used on bulletin board paper (#ad). The calendar (#ad) has a very rustic look.

See my collection of farmhouse themed printables here. These farmhouse themed classroom decor printables are from my TpT collection. You get to download them instantly upon purchase and they can be used for years because you’ll have lifetime acess to the files.

Farmhouse themed classroom labels and farmhouse themed classroom library labels

More finds from amazon:

I love the faux log pillow seats (#ad) in this farmhouse themed classroom.

This farmhouse classroom library has a Buffalo plaid rug and a ‘Choose Happy’ throw pillow.

Many farmhouse classrooms have buffalo plaid accents and eucalyptus plants and garlands.

Use a black and white plaid curtain to hide your classroom storage area. Black and white checker plaid patterns are commonly used with a farmhouse theme. They create a ‘homey’ feel.

This farmhouse themed classroom door has elements from the Schoolgirl Style Simply Boho farmhouse set. The Home Sweet Classroom macrame header looks so real, you’d have to touch it to know that it’s a poster! See the set here at Amazon.

You will see lots of string lights in a farmhouse themed classroom.

Farmhouse classroom theme labels in khaki and black. (#ad)

This Rae Dunn pen holder (#ad) is perfect for a farmhouse classroom. If you ask me, anything with that signature Rae Dunn lettering has farmhouse written all over it.

This teacher used wood grain bulletin board paper (#ad) for both her desk and bulletin bioards, and everything has neutral black and white border trims (#ad) around them. A very farmhouse chic classroom!

When it comes to classroom storage containers, try to have neutral colors for your containers. That would be black, white, tan, or clear (#ad). Notice how the labels are very minimalist with only text. No bright colors or distracting images.

Farmhouse chalkboard classroom calendar bulletin board (#ad)

You Can Do Hard Things farmhouse bulletin board with flowers, fans, and this wood grain border trim.

Here is a simple and easy way to make a farmhouse classroom door. Just add some ruffled burlap ribbon around the glass panel and stick a jar cut-out with the words “Welcome Y’all” on it.

I love the look of this wooden rustic all-in-one file cabinet/bookshelf.

I fell in love with this antique white classroom furniture set because it has that farmhouse look. It consists of a teacher’s desk, a file cabinet, a five-shelf bookcase, and an organizer shelf. They are sold in pairs and also sold separately. The picture above shows the file cabinet on the left and the teacher desk on the right. I love that the file cabinet doesn’t look like a file cabinet at all. It looks very ‘homey’. The teacher desk has some built in storage on the far right.

I would recommend that black and white posters and printables should be used with this theme. See my collection of black and white classroom decor printables here. More ideas will be added soon.

More ideas will be added soon.

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