12 Easy Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas

If you want to decorate your classroom for Thanksgiving, I’ve got some Thanksgiving bulletin board ideas for you to try. This will be a growing collection of Thanksgiving bulletin boards. There will be lots of cut-outs of turkeys and harvest dishes. The main color you would need is brown but you can add other complementary colors to it like yellow and orange. A little bit of burgundy or maroon blends well too.

I love to find awesome teacher-created uses for classroom resources. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commision for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making Thanksgiving bulletin boards.

‘Thanful For’ Thanksgiving Bulletin Boards

One of the most popular Thanksgiving bulletin board ideas is to have the words ‘we are thankful for’ or ‘be thankful for’ on your bulletin board. See examples below.

‘Thankful for Our Friends’ bulletin board: This Thanksgiving bulletin board has pictures of the students in class. I love the elements of a pumpkin gargen used: pumpkins printed out on orange paper, leaf cut outs, the picket fence border trim, and the orange polka dot border trim.

Thankful Bulletin board: This ‘Be Thankful For…’ Thanksgiving bulletin board uses these acorn and turkey cut-outs (from Amazon).

This ‘We Are Thankful’ bulletin board set is a complete kit that you can use to make an easy Thanksgiving themed classroom bulletin board.

‘Wall of Gratitude’ bulletin board: I love the colors used on this thanksgiving wall of gratitude bulletin board. Each student got to write about what he or she was grateful for on a cut out.

‘Thankful Tree’ Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas

This teacher made an ‘I Am Thankful For…’ tree and students wrote their thankful notes on the leaves.

This is another thankful tree made with this heart-leaf tree bulletin board set.

Harvest Thanksgiving Bulletin Board

Thanksgiving bulletin boards can highlight harvest time.

Harvest Thanksgiving bulletin board ideas

‘Harvest Time’ bulletin board: These Fall and pumpkin accents by Carson Dellosa were used to make this harvest time bulletin board.

Thanksgiving Classroom Doors

‘Give Thanks’ Thanksgiving classroom door: This bulletin board for doors is ready-made. You can also make a Thanksgiving door design from scratch like this turkey door above.

Thanksgiving themed Classroom Decor Accents

Thanksgiving classroom decor accents can be paper lanterns, turkey cutouts, and buntings. The typical thanksgiving classroom color theme is brown, yellow, and orange. Changing your color scheme to these colors is one of the most simple, yet effective, Thanksgiving bulletin board ideas.

I like these Thanksgiving paper lanterns for decorating the classroom.

A thanksgiving turkey craft can be made into a bulletin board display. Students can write what they are thankful for on the feathers, then stick them to the turkey. This craft has turkey cut-outs and feathers #ad that are made of thick, good quality paper and the feathers come in a wide variety of nice colors that complement each other.

I like these Thanksgiving bulletin board cut-outs of leaves, acorns, and turkeys.

This Thanksgiving paper fan bulletin board has both fans and matching cut-outs.

These letter cut outs were used for this ‘Give Thanks’ classroom bulletin board for Thanksgiving.

Use a Thanksgiving garland over your classroom door or your whiteboard.

More Stuff for Your Thanksgiving Classroom

I hope you have found Thanksgiving bulletin board ideas for your classroom through this post. More will be added soon.

For making your bulletin boards stay up on cinder block walls, I have some helpful tips in this blog post.

You may also be interested in Thanksgiving themed printables. I created some ELA printables for this theme here.

Every item here is a downloadable file that you would get instant access to upon purchase.

You might like my Thanksgiving joke book for your students. It has funny but kind jokes that are clean and safe for children. I have found that many joke books out there are NOT for kids. I want to provide safe joke books for children in different themes. This Thanksgiving one is available on Amazon in a paperback or a Kindle version

Happy Thanksgiving!