Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

Winter themed classroom bulletin ideas

This post is a growing listing of Winter Bulletin Board Ideas that are perfect for an elementary classroom.  A Winter theme will be sure to have blue accents like border trims, snowflakes, snowmen, penguins, etc. The color themes you will focus on are blue, white, and silver. Common winter words you can include in your winter bulletin boards are ‘chill’, ‘snow’ and ‘cool’. Scroll down to see Winter themed classroom printables.

I love to find awesome classroom décor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making Winter themed classroom bulletin boards.

Creative Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

winter bulletin board winter wonderland

‘Walking in a winter wonderland’ bulletin board: This bulletin board was made with snowflake and penguin cutouts and a beachwood paper background.

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas 1

Make a Winter themed reading bulletin board: Don’t flake out with Reading bulletin board with a snowflake border and snowflakes.

Small Winter Bulletin Board let it snow
winter bulletin board let it snowwinter bulletin board let it snow blue
Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

Simple ‘Let it Snow’ buletin board: The first ‘let it snow’ bulletin board is a smaller sized complete bulletin board set from Amazon. The second bulletin board is a very simple but effectively Wintery bulletin board. It includes the ‘let it snow’ letter garland. The third one has a blue winter border trim with a matching blue garland with letters and mittens.

winter seasomal classroom tree bulletin board

Winter seasonal classroom tree bulletin board: If you have a seasonal tree bulletin board, replace the leaf cutouts with snowflake cutouts.

winter bulletin board sliding into winter

Penguin winter bulletin board: This bulletin board was made with a ‘sliding into winter’ bulletin board set. The word ‘sliding’ is often used on bulletin boards with penguins in snow.

Winter Bulletin Boards with a Snow Pun

Snow puns in bulletin boards are created by substituting the word ‘so’ with the word ‘snow’. Teachers use these common snow puns in their winter themed bulletin boards:

  • It’s SNOW secret were a great class
  • SNOW many reasons to be here
  • We are having SNOW much fun
  • School is SNOW cool
  • Our class is SNOW much fun
winter bulletin board its snow secret were a great schoolWinter Bulletin Board Ideas 3
Winter Bulletin Boards with a Snow Pun

It’s SNOW secret, we’re a great school: The white and blue winter bulletin board used these white self adhesive pop-out letters, these snowflake cut-outs, and these snowflake borders.

Winter Bulletin Board our class is snow much fun

Our Class is SNOW Much Fun: This is a pastel winter bulletin board with pastel borders.

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas 5

Make a ‘Snow Many Reasons to Love School’ bulletin board: This Winter bulletin board has a variety of snowflake cutouts all over it. I love that there is a large snowman at the center. Use a dark background to make them stand out. Also use white letters to contrast with the background. This snowflake border trim can be used to replicate this bulletin board. You can also change the words to ‘Snow Many Reasons to Be Here’.

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas 7

Make a SNOW much fun bulletin board: This bulletin board reads ‘We are having SNOW much fun in Room 3’ and it has a combination border set of snowflakes and snowmen. The teacher bordered it with the snowmen border trim and she cut up the snowflake border into individual snowflakes that are all over the bulletin board.

Winter cafeteria bulletin board

School Cafeteria Winter themed bulletin board: This bulletin board was made with a dark blue paper background, a large snowman cutout, snowflakes, and white letters. The jointed arms and legs of the snowman can move around. The bulletin board reads ‘School Lunch is Snow Cool’. You can use these words for your classroom; ‘Our Class is Snow Cool’.

Winter Bulletin Board reading is snow much fun

‘Reading is Snow Much Fun’ bulletin board: This bulletin board set comes with the snowflake cutouts, the letters, and the book cutout. It makes a cute little bulletin board.

More winter bulletin board ideas will be added as I find them.

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas 9
Winter themed classroom door bulletin boards

The Winter classroom door ideas have moved. See the latest collection of Winter Classroom Doors in this new blog post.

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas 9

Winter Themed Classroom Decorations

winter classroom garlands

Winter themed garlands: These ‘Hello Winter’ garlands have a sparkly blue color that is cute and wintery.

winter wall decal for classroom wall

Winter cutouts for classroom wall: This classroom wall area for backpacks is decorated with this bulletin board set of cutouts and ‘Hello Winter’ letters.

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas 9

You may also be interested in Winter themed printables. I created some ELA printables for this theme here.

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas 15

Every item here is a downloadable file and you would get instant access to them upon purchase from TpT.

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas 17

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Winter Bulletin Board Ideas 19