Crayon Themed Classroom Decor Ideas

This post is a growing listing of Crayon Themed Classroom Ideas that are perfect for a kindergarten or First Grade classroom.  A crayon theme is all about embracing differences and uniqueness. Scroll down to see crayon themed printables. Most crayon classroom decor printables have lots of scribble frames that give a colorful sketchy look.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making a crayon classroom theme.

Make a Welcome back to school bulletin board like this using a rainbow markers border trim and these crayon cut-outs. (#ad)

crayon bulletin board

This other crayon themed bulletin board was made with this set.

These crayon themed name plates for desks and name tags for students are really colorful and you just have to laminate them to make them durable. For the names tags in the picture above, they were each glued onto bright cardstock which looks so amazing.

Crayon themed student work display bulletin board with a dry erase pocket for each student.


Crayon classroom banner (#ad) and Crayola classroom caddy (#ad)

I think that scribble patterns go perfectly with a crayon theme because it looks like the scribbles could have been shaded in with crayons. It reminds me of Elmo’s World on Sesame Street, the set there rocks the crayon scribbles and it is so cute. So, you can merge the use of scribble borders, labels, and letters to decorate your classroom like in the picture above. (#ad)

TpT has printable scribble frames for classroom decor like these scribble labels (#ad).

Scribble Alphabet Strips (#ad)

Scribble framed classroom calendar (#ad)

I am still working on my collection of crayon themed classroom decor printables and you can see my tiny collection here. These printables are from my TpT collection. You get to download them instantly upon purchase and they can be used for years because you’ll have lifetime acess to the files.

I found these free crayon themed printables for you! They are created by other TpT sellers that you may know. Feel free to check them out. The picture above is just a composite of each item. I’m listing each one separately for you below… At the time of writing this post, these items are free. However, the owners may change them to priced items in the future.

Crayon themed desk plates by Simply SMARTER by Laurie Dyer

Editable crayon themed background boxes by Honeys Little Bees

Crayon theme bahavior punch cards by Mister Z

Crayon themed calendar numbers by Joy of Kindergarten

Crayon Labeling Cards by Keeping Up With First Grade

More crayon themed classroom decor items from Amazon:

I found this crayon themed classroom decor video in an Amazon review for a crayon themed porch sign. I love what the teacher did to decorate her classroom wall with so many crayon themed bulletin boards. Some of the bulletin board posters and cutouts she used are already mentioned in this blog post.

If you want to make a huge bulletin board with large crayon boxes, the crayon box shaped pages of this notepad (#ad) can each be laminated and cut out to create large cut outs that you can write on.

crayon themed bulletin board decor (#ad) can be used to decorate your classroom door.

This is a crayon themed ‘Amazing things happen here’ bulletin board. Everything looks like it was hand drawn by the teacher. The rainbow colors of the border match the crayon theme. Students’ names were written on the crayons.


Use a Crayola crayon-shaped storage container for storing markers or pencils. These are available in different colors. One happy-faced crayon container can be used for storing sharp pencils, and a silly-faced one can store dull pencils.

How to Make Large Crayon Props for Classroom Decorations


If you want to know how to make giant crayons, you’ll need mailing tubes for the cylinder part, paper mache cones for the tips, and sheets of bulletin board paper for the paper wraps (in different colors). You will also need spray paint in different colors. In the first picture above, a teacher created large crayons for her class. She used a black scalloped bulletin board border trim (#ad) around the ‘neck’ and ‘tail’ of each crayon. In the second picture, these mailing tubes were used to create the large crayon props. These kind of DIY crayon props make cute classroom decorations, especially for preschool.

More ideas will be added soon.