New Year’s Day Worksheets – A Free Downloadable PDF

Get your students ready for the new year with these free New Year’s Day Worksheets. It is a free printable PDF for elementary school students. It’s all about setting achievable goals and making resolutions for school life. I update this file each year so you’ll always have these worksheets for your class. It is available at here at TpT and here at TES Resources.

You may also be interested in my New Year’s Day Joke Book for students to enjoy. I enjoyed creating it and they are so funny. They’ll also be learning about New Year’s Day traditions and lots of new-year vocabulary and calendar words will be encountered in context as they read it. Your students will love reading it to have some jokes to share. And you can use them as icebreakers. It is available in Kindle #ad and paperback #ad.

Happy New Year!