How to Make a Solar System Model

Solar system model DIY

This is one of the most fun science crafts to make. It may be a lot easier than you might expect it to be. All you need is Styrofoam balls of different sizes for the planets, paint, black bulletin board paper, glue, nylon thread and cardboard paper.  For bigger classrooms that have the space for a full 3D solar system, you can hang them from the ceiling. Another option would be to have a central base that will house the sun, and connect the other planets to the sun using very long skewers.

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If you want to turn it into a bulletin board, you can cut each Styrofoam ball (#ad) in half and mount them onto a black background paper (to represent space). Cutting them in half increases the surface area that is to be glued to help them stick securely to the paper.

Each planet has to be painted to match its true geographical colors.

This planet set below (#ad) is already colored but it is too plain when you get it straight out if the box.

This teacher painted on some extra detail on hers and it made a huge difference.

This classroom has inflatable planets (#ad) hanging from the ceiling. This is only recommended for a short term display because they may go soft on you.

See my collection of solar system themed printables here. These science printables are from my TpT collection.


Solar System Flash Cards and Planet Word Wall. They can be used on their own or be added as labels for a science bulletin board. You get to download them instantly upon purchase and they can be used for years because you’ll have lifetime access to the files.

More ideas will be added soon.