What is Easel by TpT?

What is Easel by TpT? 1

What is Easel by TpT? Teachers pay Teachers has just launched its new digital tool called Easel by TPT. It is a new platform that allows for enabled PDF resources to be used by your students. You may already have resources that you can use with this new tool because many sellers including myself are in the process of adding necessary edits to some of our existing resources (the ones that can be a good fit for this model).

What is Easel by TpT?

Think of Easel activities as TpT’s own version of Boom Cards or Seesaw slides. It is another platform that your students can use. They would need to use Google accounts to sign in and the activities can be assigned for them in Google Classroom.

You will see resources on TpT that can be used for Easel being described as

(i) Easel Activities or

(ii) Compatible with Easel Activities.

What is Easel by TpT? 3
What is Easel by TpT

The Easel Activities description means that the seller has created the Easel activity specifically for this resource and that the buyer (you) would not need to create any modifications to it in order to use it.

The Compatible with Easel Activities description means that the resource has one or more pages within it that can be modified to be used with Easel but the seller has not yet added these modifications. This does not mean that it cannot be used because the buyer (that’s you) does have the option of adding modifications ‘to their copy’. It is important that if a buyer is doing this, that they only add material that they created themselves and not copyrighted material.

I will continue to add Easel Activities to existing PDF resources. If you already own these resources, you will have instant access to the new Easel version. The PDFs that I’ve added the digital layers, text boxes and backgrounds to can be found here. One of my product lines, which are the All About Me worksheets, they have Easel versions. There are referenced in this blog post.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below and I will be happy to supply you with the information that you need.

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